• Ketamine Therapy

    Ketamine for depression, anxiety, and trauma.

    Ketamine has the potential to help clients find relief for depression, anxiety and trauma. Therapy and conventional medications may not always be inclusive enough to deal with ongoing/reoccurring symptoms that resist improvement or keep coming back. In that event a client who meets the medical criteria might want to consider ketamine as a unique treatment.

    Ketamine works differently from other medications in that it is thought to create more connections (synapses) between brain cells which helps to decrease depression. Adults who have met the medical screening process through one of our partner providers (Wondermed and Illumma) will receive a packet which will contain the individual dosage of ketamine. On your fist experience you will dissolve the oral ketamine under your tongue and experience the onset of the medicine withing approximately 10 minutes.

    Ketamine allows you to disconnect from the standard reality you have been experiencing. It may provide insights, motivation or an openness to new ideas while also enhancing feelings of purpose and creativity. Some clients may also have sensory effects – visual & auditory.

    Integration is an important part of the therapeutic ketamine experience. After the experience, you are encouraged to reflect on your time and integrate new perspectives into your thought processes. Journaling shortly after your experience can/will allow you to solidify the new information and grow from the therapeutic experience.