• Discover the strength within you, unlock your true potential, and build a solid foundation for a life filled with purpose, love, and resilience.


    We have moments in our lives when we need someone who can hold space for us. Someone who will listen without judgement. Beverly White and Jean Castle see unique people every day who need someone to be that person. At White Castle Therapy we work with you on your life journey.

    Our gift is helping you see new perspectives, rewrite the narratives in your life, and discover self-awareness. Working towards healthy perceptions of self and building strong relationships helps you to establish a more capable, peaceful, and safe environment. Individuals, couples, unique relationships, and families need specialized approaches for their unique situations so our therapeutic approaches are tailored to fit your needs.

    At White Castle Therapy Beverly and Jean help you see the wonder in yourself. We believe in you and we are here to support you by addressing the challenges you encounter. We are excited to work with you on discovering what life is doing for you. Sometimes a small shift in perspective can change your entire life.

    We welcome you and what you are dealing with. We provide services for all types of issues, including military and law enforcement matters, trauma, infidelity, LGBTQIA+ challenges, ADHD, grief, and domestic violence.

    We know therapy can feel intimidating. We want to make it easier for you, by offering safety and acceptance. Contact White Castle Therapy to set up a free consultation with Beverly or Jean and see how we can help.

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