• Jean Castle Licensed Professional Counselor

    Individuals, couples, and families need specialized approaches for their unique situations. When you have moments in your life and you need someone who can sit with you, find solutions, and listen without judgement I will do that. I see great people every day who need someone to be that person and I work with them on their journey. My gift is helping you see new perspectives, rewrite the story of your life, and discover self-awareness. We will work towards healthy perceptions of self and building strong relationships that help you to establish a more capable, peaceful, and safe environment.

    I tailor my approach to your needs and adjust to meet you. I’m trained in multiple therapies that will assist us in identifying the thoughts and patterns that are not working to get you where you want to be. My therapeutic approaches include solution focused, CBT, narrative, positive psychoanalysis, and I work from a strength-based perspective. I am also able to work from a holistic and diverse spiritual approach.

    I welcome people dealing with all types of issues, including military, law enforcement, trauma, infidelity, LGBTQIA+ challenges, and PTSD. I know therapy can feel intimidating. I want to make it easier for you, by offering safety, acceptance and even humor when you need it. Contact me to set up a free consultation.

    Licensed in Florida, Texas, and Vermont. Florida licensing department’s website: https://flhealthsource.gov/telehealth/

    Partnered with Wondermed and Illumma for transformative ketamine therapy.

    Online Therapy